The Men’s and Women’s Elitserien teams in Norway have voted Petra Weiss from Sveiva and Ole Martin Skau Jansson from Tunet IBK Players of the Year in Norway.

Petra Weiss received the award for the third time

Petra Weiss (33) had a very good season in Norway, winning the Player of the Year award for the third time. She was awarded the award for the first time in the 2007/2008 season and then also the following season in 2008/2009. She played these seasons in Tunet IBK, where she came from Järfälla IBK in Sweden in the middle of the 2006/2007 season.

Petra Weiss has also represented the Swedish clubs Pixbo Wallenstam and Kais Mora, before returning to Norway and Sveiva in the middle of the 2018/2019 season.

Weiss produced 73 points this season, with 27 goals and 46 goals, and collected the most points in Norway’s Elitserien this season.

Second award for Ole Martin Skau Jansson

Ole Martin Skau Jansson (26) has also had a very good season, winning the Player of the Year award for the second time. He received the award for the first time in the 2017/2018 season.

Skau Jansson produced 81 points this season, with 62 goals and 16 assists, and scored most goals in Norway. He collected the second most points behind teammate Ole Mossin Olesen, who assisted most of Skau Jansson’s goals. 62 goals is also a new goal record in the Men’s Elitserien, one (1) goal more than Skau Jansson’s previous record.

Skau Jansson has also been one of the best players of the Norwegian national team. In the WFC qualification earlier this year when Norway qualified for the WFC final round in December, Jansson became Norway’s top scorer in the tournament with 11 goals in four matches.

The prizes will be awarded on a later occasion when circumstances permit.

Previous Players of the Year (women):

18/19: Rikke Ingebrigtsli Hansen (Tunet)
17/18: Liga Garklava (Grei)
16/17: Thea Kristine Ekholt (Sagene)
15/16: Luize Bilinska (Sveiva)
14/15: Luize Bilinska (Sveiva)
13/14: Charlotta Hjort (Tunet)
12/13: Thea Kristine Ekholt (Slevik)
11/12: Lena Sundvik (Sveiva)
10/11: Terese Valfridsson (Akerselva)
09/10: Henriette Knudsen (Sveiva)
08/09: Petra Weiss (Tunet)
07/08: Petra Weiss (Tunet)
06/07: Linda Beate Andersen (Sveiva)
05/06: Helena Lindberg (Sagene)
04/05: Helena Lindberg (Holmlia)
03/04: Ingvild Øversveen (Tunet)
02/03: Linda Beate Andersen (Holmlia)
01/02: Inger Lise Fagernes (Tunet)
00/01: Helena Lindberg (Holmlia)
99/00: Cecilie Eckbo (Tunet)
98/99: Birgitte Lersbryggen (Tunet)

Previous Players of the Year (men):

18/19: Jesper Engström (Sandnes)
17/18: Ole Martin Skau Jansson (Tunet)
16/17: Johan Åhlberg (Slevik)
15/16: Thomas Stræte (Slevik)
14/15: Lars Erik Torp (Greåker)
13/14: Ole Mossin Olesen (Tunet)
12/13: Thomas Stræte (Slevik)
11/12: Thomas Stræte (Slevik)
10/11: Thomas Stræte (Slevik)
09/10: Jesper Nordmark (Fjerdingby)
08/09: Andreas Elf (Greåker)
07/08: Thomas Stræte (Slevik)
06/07: Raymond Evensen (Fjerdingby)
05/06: Stian Skau (Greåker)
04/05: Ketil Kristiansen (Sarpsborg)
03/04: Raymond Evensen (Fjerdingby)
02/03: Ketil Kronberg (Holum)
01/02: Ketil Kronberg (Holum)
00/01: Raymond Evensen (Tunet)
99/00: Andreas Ågren (Fredrikstad)
98/99: Willy Fauskanger (Greåker)

Source & more information: Norwegian Floorball Association

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