In cooperation with its floorball material sponsor, UNIHOC, the IFF provides floorball equipment to countries where floorball is in its early stages, and also to existing IFF Member Associations based on a needs assessment. Equipment support comes in the form of sticks, balls, goalkeeper equipment and rinks.

For the new starting countries IFF can provide a “Start-Up Kit”, which includes 25 sticks and 30 balls. With this set(s) the nation can start to promote floorball, show how the game is played, and teach the basic skills of an individual player. As well as sticks and balls, the IFF also has a number of goalkeeper equipment sets which are also distributed for development purposes.

Once development has progressed and a National Association has been founded and approved by the local authorities, there is the possibility for the IFF to further support the association with some larger development projects. These projects are usually carried out only once a country has been recognised as a member of the IFF.

The IFF also has the possibility to support Member Associations (especially new ones) by providing a rink for the use of the member country, at a very minimal rental cost. The amount of rinks available per year is limited, but so far the IFF has been able to provide dozens of rinks all over the world.

All the material support related requests should be sent to the IFF ( and all requests are considered through a needs assessment.