The IFF Service Award honor the work of dedicated floorball persons. Until 2021 these were handed out to referees and contributors in the international floorball community. Since the introduction of the IFF Hall of Fame the Service Award is directed to persons which are not players, coaches or referees.

The Service Award comes in three levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze.


2014GoldKurt WesterlundFINIFF CB 1988-1993
2011GoldAndras CiztromSWEIFF President 1986-1992
2011GoldPekka MukkalaFINIFF President 1992-1996, IFF Vice President 1996-1998
2011GoldRenato OrlandoSUIIFF RACC Chairman 1998-2008, CB 2000-2010, IFF Vice President 2002-2010


2017SilverTakanobu YoshinoJPNInternational Coach 1995-2016
2016SilverRisto KauppinenFINIFF CB 1996-2014
2016SilverKjell Hovland-OlsenNORIFF DC 2002-2016
2016SilverPetr CernyCZEInternational Referee 1995-2016
2016SilverJiri JanousekCZEInternational Referee 1995-2016
2016SilverThomas BaumgartnerSUIInternational Referee 2001-2016
2016SilverThomas KläsiSUIInternational Referee 2001-2016
2011SilverStefan KratzSWEIFF CB, Vice President 1986-1996, Secretary General 1996-2005, Competition Manager 2005-
2011SilverMartin VaculikCZEIFF CB 1994-2006
2011SilverPer JanssonSWEIFF CB 1996-2010
2011SilverPeter LindströmNORIFF CB 1994-2006
2011SilverTomas JonssonNORIFF CB 1994-2008


2016BronzeHans BotmanNEDIFF CB & RACC 2004-2012
2016BronzeRune Ali ZouharNORInternational Referee 1999-2009
2016BronzeAndris DzenisLATIFF RACC 1996-2016
2016BronzeThomas ThimSWEIFF RC & Development Seminar lecturer 2004-2013
2011BronzeLilly KaiserSUIIFF CB 1986-1996
2011BronzeThomas GilardiSUIIFF CB 1998-2006
2011BronzeKalle SeilerSWEIFF RC 1994-2006
2011BronzeAin LillepaluESTIFF CB 1996-2002
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