The IFF annually publishes a general statistical report of its Doping Control activities. This report includes the number of IFF initiated tests performed in-competition and out-of-competition as well as the results.

The IFF Member Associations shall if requested, report to the IFF within the first three months each year report the doping controls.

Year  2017
 In-competition tests by IFF   64
 World Championships  24
 World Championships Qualifications  18
 Under 19 World Championships  8
 Champions Cup & Euro Floorball Cup & EuroFloorball Challenge  14
 Other International Floorball Events (e.g. IWGA, FISU, SEA)  na
 Out-of-Competition tests by IFF  34
 Out-of-Competition tests by IFF analysed for hGH/GHRFs  5
 Out-of-Competition tests by IFF analysed for ESAs  4
Total amount of tests by IFF  98



Number of Doping tests conducted in Floorball
During 2005-2016


Anti-doping rule violations from IFF initiated tests:

2016 decision – ADRV Cannabis (ESP player)
2018 decision – ADRV Higenamine (AUS player)
2018 decision – ADRV Sibutramine (THA player)