A player transfer is needed, when a player (a player being a person belonging to a club of an IFF Member Association participating in a national or regional competition organised by this IFF Member Association) transfers from a club (the giving club) in one Member Association to a club (the receiving club) in another Member Association. Please note, that a player can only be licensed for one club at a time.

Transfer related questions can be sent to transfer(at)floorball.sport. Inquiries by phone, Ms. Monika Kraus, +48 739 207 053


IFF Transfer period from 1st of July until 15th of January

All transfers must arrive to the IFF official address during the period of 1st of May to 15th of January at midnight CET and shall be carried out with the official IFF Transfer Form. Please notice, that international transfers will be made valid from 1st of July on.

You can find more information about different type of transfers from the links above.


IFF Temporary Play period from 1st of May until 31st of August

Only players being licensed for a club taking part in an International Elite Club match or tournament shall be eligible to play for the club concerned. A Club may grant their players, who is under contractual basis, an exemption (Temporary Play) from this regulation for participation with another Club in a specified friendly international tournament. The tournament must be played between the 1st of May and the 31st of August and the tournament shall allow such participation. The player shall not be under suspension. The player can only test play in two tournaments per time window.


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