The IFF Athletes´ Commission (ATC) was established in November 2007 by the IFF Central Board. It currently consists of 5 female and 4 male athlete representatives.

The main role of the ATC is to act as the voice for Floorball players around the world. This is done by using floorball players’ experience and knowledge when developing the game of Floorball and the IFF Regulations. The ATC members participate in the preparation of the Game Rule changes, updating and implementation of Competition Regulations, the development of IFF Competitions, and in the promotion of IFF’s Anti-Doping Policy. Recently, direct recommendations from the ATC have resulted in changes to the compression wear policy for players, as well as to the transfer rules.

The first commission members were appointed based on nominations by the Member Associations.  From 2009-2016, elections for members were held during the Adult’s World Floorball Championships. Since 2016, elections have been held during the WFC qualifications, and the term of the members was extended to 4yrs.

In 2012, the IFF General Assembly voted to include the Chair of the Athletes´ Commission as a member of the IFF Central Board. The current Chair of the IFF Athletes´ Commission is Ms Agata Plechan (POL).


2021 Athletes’ Commission Elections

In 2021, elections for the female members of the Athletes’ Commission are being held. The voting will be done via an online survey sent to all IFF Member Associations. Each association is allowed to have 20 players vote in the elections, and these are preferably players from their women’s national team.

The nominees for the elections were:

Kabaziba Daphine (Uganda)
Josefina Eiremo* (Sweden)
Karen Farnes (Norway)
Lara Heini (Switzerland)
Neha Kiyani (Pakistan)
Linda Lice (Latvia)
Camilla Olshov (Italy)
Sangeeta Rathi (India)
Lidwien Reehuis* (Netherlands)
Sophie Scott (New Zealand)
Yui Takahashi* (Japan)

* These players are current members of the IFF Athletes’ Commission who are nominated for re-election

Have a look at all their nomination videos on YouTube


To contact the Athletes´ Commission directly, email to:
For more general information on the IFF Athletes´ Commission please contact Sarah Mitchell, IFF Event Manager:


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