Test play during pre-season is allowed and the players have the possibility to test play in another club than the one that owns the players contract during pre-season in International Elite Club Tournaments. This is done with a TEMPORARY PLAY TRANSFER.

International Elite Club Tournaments are tournaments including club teams representing the highest league from at least two different nations. These International Elite Club Tournaments shall be informed to the IFF by the tournament organiser/member association of the organiser. The IFF publishes these tournaments in the list of International Club tournaments.

Read more about International Elite Club Tournaments HERE.

Only players being licensed for a club taking part in an International Elite Club match or tournament shall be eligible to play for the club concerned. A Club may grant their players, who is under contractual basis, an exemption (Temporary Play) from this regulation for participation with another Club in a specified friendly international tournament.

  • The tournament must be played between the 1st of May and the 31st of August and the tournament shall allow such participation.
  • The player shall not be under suspension.
  • The player can only test play in two tournaments per time window.

Such an exemption shall be informed to the national Association of the Club giving the exemption and to the organizer of the tournament by filling in the Temporary Play form.

The IFF will coordinate the procedure and there will be an administrative fee of 110 CHF included. All Temporary Plays are published by IFF in the Temporary Play list.


Steps to complete a Temporary Play:

  1. Download the Temporary play form HERE and fill in the information and get the signature of the Player
  2. Fill in the information of the Tournament in question
  3. Fill in the information of the Temporary Club
  4. Send the form to the Ordinary Club for them to fill in their information and signature
  5. Send the form to the National Association of the Ordinary Club for their signature
    (by signing the National Association confirms they have received the information)
  6. Pay the Temporary Play Fee (110 CHF) to the IFF account
    (Credit Suisse, CH-8700 Küsnacht, Switzerland, Account No: 0818-559200-11, Swift: CRESCHZZ80A, IBAN: CH52 0483 5055 9200 1100 0)
  7. When the form has been signed by all the above mentioned parties, the form shall be sent to IFF (transfer(at)floorball.sport)


  • To speed up the process, send a copy of the payment receipt together with the Temporary Play form to IFF.
  • Approved Transfers are listed HERE


More information about Temporary Play is found from IFF Regulations for Friendly International Matches.

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