The IFF has been carrying out sustainability projects in the past, the biggest success being the ECO-Compass label for the Women’s World Floorball Championships 2015 in Tampere. Since 2019 it has adopted a more holistic approach to the topic. As a result sustainability has been included in the 2021-32 IFF strategy process.

At the end of 2019 the IFF signed the UN Sports for Climate Action charter thus committing itself to the fight against climate change. The IFF is represented in two working groups in the initiative which aim to create best practices and tools to measure the implemented efforts.

In spring 2020 a partnership was forged with myclimate to help the federation create models for the sustainability work as well as supporting sponsors and member federations in their efforts.

The goals set for the IFF sustainability work are to understand the effects of its work and events on the environment. Further the aim is to reduce the effects and compensate for the rest. During the process the federation will support its members in their sustainability efforts. Last but not least we also wish to educate the floorball community on what each and everyone can do to contribute to fight climate change and preserve our planet.