The IFF considers all three pillars of sustainability: economy, environment and social. The early steps were directed more towards the social side as equality and acceptance have been engraved in the IFF values early on. Through the year’s measures have increased and since preparations for the new strategy early 2019 the IFF has adopted a more holistic approach to the topic. Sustainability has been included in the 2021-32 IFF strategy.


Economy sustainability pillar goals* & actions

  • Based on the development services and materials, the IFF provides targeted projects to address specific needs of individual member associations
  • Test new versions of the game at selected international events, to make the sport more attractive and cheaper


For over 15 years the IFF has run a development programme to support the floorball countries in their early stages. The programme consists of seminars to educate on organisation, coaching and refereeing. Further, an equipment support programme has been made possible with the support from the IFF floorball equipment partner.

In 2018 the IFF also created a recycling programme called “Stick with it” which aims to collect used floorball material at major IFF events. As a result, the IFF will have more material for their equipment support programme. Further, the unusable material will be disposed responsibly: plastic parts recycled and other material for energy production.


Environment sustainability pillar goals* & actions

  • To understand the effects of our work and IFF events on the environment
  • To reduce the effects and compensate for the rest
  • To support IFF members in their sustainability efforts
  • To educate the floorball community on what each and every one can do to contribute to fight climate change and preserve our planet
  • The IFF creates and shares best practices to organise sustainable events
  • The IFF Events are carbon neutral by 2028


The IFF has been carrying out environmental sustainability projects in the past, a big success being the ECO-Compass label for the Women’s World Floorball Championships 2015 in Tampere.

At the end of 2019, the IFF signed the UN Sports for Climate Action charter thus committing itself to the fight against climate change. The IFF is represented in two working groups in the initiative which aim to create best practices and tools to measure the implemented efforts.

In spring 2020 a partnership was forged with myclimate to help the federation create models and tools for the sustainability work as well as supporting sponsors and members in their efforts.

In november 2020 the IFF  was among twenty Olympic Movement organisations, namely 15 International Sports Federations (IFs) and five National Olympic Committees (NOCs), that received the Carbon Action Awards of the IOC and DOW, a global initiative which is aimed at recognising and accelerating effective climate action in sport.


Social sustainability pillar goals* & actions

  • Further enhance the Good Governance of the IFF
  • Strengthen the Athletes voices’ within IFF
  • Offer accessible and flexible game formats for all
  • IFF promotes gender equality


The IFF is dedicated to work towards inclusion and to offer more opportunities to participate in floorball regardless of age, gender, disability, financial status, ethnic background, and/or geographical location. This is engraved in the value statement, IFF Code of Ethics and the IFF Equality Policy.

The IFF also runs the GoGirls! project aimed at helping to increase and promote the participation of girls and women in floorball throughout the world.

Within the equipment support programme IFF has organised a programme specifically directed for children “(Kids with Sticks”).

Since 2012 IFF has collaborated with Special Olympics and floorball has proven to be a very popular discipline among intellectually disabled people. In addition, IFF is also collaborating with other ParaFloorball organisations.

The IFF office also has an Equality Officer in charge of topics regarding ethics and equality.


(*goals taken from the IFF Strategy , Targets and Key Performance Indicators)