The IFF Whereabouts requirements are based on the World Anti-Doping Code and the International Standards for Testing. At the moment the IFF maintains a Testing Pool (TP).


IFF Testing Pool (TP) – starting from January 1st 2015

In order to maintain a pool of Athletes from whom whereabouts information is obtained, which can be used to increase the effectiveness of the IFF‘s Out-of-Competition Testing program, the IFF will maintain a Testing Pool.

In 2020 when it is the Men‘s WFC year the IFF TP consists of the top three (3) Men‘s National Teams according to the results from the previous World Floorball Championships (Finland, Sweden, Switzerland). All Athletes taking part in the events (camps, tournaments, international matches) of the  Top three ranked National Teams are included in the IFF Testing Pool. The IFF will collect the needed whereabouts information through the National Federation.


National Federation shall take care of following:

a. Send the specific event information ten (10) days prior to the event (the information shall be sent with the “IFF Upcoming National Team Event Form” found here)

b. Send regular club team training activities (one regular training time/week during the season) of the league clubs of their country with current national team players from their country (you can use the “IFF Club Team Whereabouts Form” found here).
Periods: February – March/April (until season ends) & September – December 31st. The National Federation shall also be responsible for providing possible updates in the regular training times to the IFF.

Information needed: Name of club team; training day; training time (local time); date until specified training time is valid; training venue name; training venue address; (venue training court number); name of club team contact person and his/her contact information.

c. If needed, the IFF will ask for more whereabouts information (Women‘s national team whereabouts during Men‘s WFC year, more club team whereabouts, off-season club training times etc.). The IFF also has the possibility to identify players to a Registered Testing Pool. Players in the Registered Testing Pool are individually responsible for providing daily whereabouts information including a 60-minutes time slot.



2020 Reporting Deadlines

The National Federation shall hand in the first top club team regular training times (1 training time/week) for the period February 15th 2020– March/April 2020 (until the season ends). The first deadline to send in the information is on February 10th 2020. The second deadline to send in the top club team training times is on September 10th 2020 for the period September 15th – December 31st.

When the regular training time is cancelled/changed, the National Federation shall keep the IFF updated of such changes, so that possible out-of-competition testing plans can be modified.


IFF Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

IFF may also identify a Registered Testing Pool of those Athletes who are required to comply with the strict whereabouts requirements of Annex I to the International Standard for Testing and Investigations. Athletes shall be notified before they are included in a Registered Testing Pool and when they are removed from that pool by the IFF.