Arbitration Regulations

Arbitration Regulations 2018
Revised 01.01.2018


Financial Regulations

Financial Regulations Edition 2023
Valid from 01.01.2023


Juridical Regulations

The Juridical Regulations describe the infringements of the rules in IFF regulations, determines the sanctions incurred, regulates the organisation and function of the bodies responsible for taking decisions, and the procedure to be followed before these bodies.

IFF Juridical Regulations Edition 2023
Valid from 21.05.2023


Organiser Regulations

The Organiser Regulations are designed to give all Member Associations that wish to bid for and/or host International Floorball Federation events an overview of the requirements that the Host Association must satisfy in order to organise IFF events.

In some aspects, different IFF events have different requirements for the Host and these are outlined within the regulations.

Organiser Regulations Edition 2020
Valid from 22.05.2020