The IFF, as an active member of the Olympic Movement has established guidelines for the conduct of the Athletes´ Entourage.



The Athletes´ Entourage comprises all the persons associated with the athletes within the Floorball community and all types of Floorball sport disciplines, including, without any limitation, coaches, physical trainers, medical staff, physiotherapists, managers, club employees, agents, sports organisations, sponsors, lawyers and any person promoting the athlete´s sporting career, including family members. More information about Entourage Groups…


General Principles

The Entourage must, in all their activities, respect and promote ethical principles, including those contained in the Olympic Charter, the IOC Code of Ethics, the WADA Code, the IFF Statutes, the IFF Competition Regulations, the IFF Code of Ethics and the IFF Juridical Regulations. The Entourage must, in accordance with such principles, always act in the best interests of the athlete. Minors must be given special care and consideration.

Members of the Entourage should be adequately qualified to work in their area of expertise, through licenses, certificates or diplomas, particularly when such are proposed by IFF or any National Member Association.



The Entourage shall act in good faith and demonstrate the highest level of integrity, in particular respecting the following principles:

– Avoid conflicts of interest

– Fight against any form of bribery and take resolute and appropriate action against any form of cheating or corruption in sport

– Reject any form of doping; Comply with the WADA Code, the IFF Anti-Doping Regulations and support its programs

– Refrain from any form of betting or promotion of betting activity on the athlete´s sport

– Refrain from any form of harassment

– Refrain from any abuse of a position of influence


Athletes´ Responsibility

The athletes have a responsibility to act responsibly, choosing their Entourage members with care and with the exercise of due diligence and to use their best efforts to ensure that any contract is negotiated with fair conditions.

Read more in the complete IFF Guidelines for the Conduct of the Athletes´ Entourage




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