National Teams

Competition Regulations – National Teams Edition 2023
Valid from 01.05.2023

3v3 World Championships 2024

 IFF Competition Regulations – 3v3 WFC 2024
Valid from 02.03.2024

Friendly International Matches

Competition Regulations – Friendly International Matches Edition  2023
Valid from 01.05.2023

Friendly International matches are:

  • Internationals played between national teams of the member Associations of IFF – apart from WFC or other IFF events as described in Competition Regulations for Adult & U19 World Championships;
  • Any match where a national team plays against a club or regional team from another country;
  • Matches played between club teams representing the highest league from at least two different nations; or
  • National league matches played abroad

Information form for International Matches and Request of Referees


Sporting Nationality – proof of eligibility

Proof of Eligibility to Represent a Nation Edition 2023 (v.2)
Valid from 01.01.2023

  • Outlines the requirements needed to fulfill eligibility for representing a country based on Permanent Nationality or Sporting Nationality
  • To apply, complete the application form and submit it, along with all supporting documents and the fee of 150 CHF (please note new fee valid from 1st January 2023)

APPLY HERE: Sporting Nationality Application Form


Champions Cup

IFF Champions Cup Regulations Edition 2024
Valid from 21.05.2023

The Champions Cup is the championship tournament for the National Club Champions and national runners-up or National Cup winners or runners-up of the Top 4 ranked European Member Associations. The tournament is played with 8 teams for both men and women (16 teams in total) in a home- and away form in quarter-finals and semi-finals. The finals for both men and women are played as single matches.


EuroFloorball Cup and Challenge

Competition Regulations – EuroFloorball Cup and Challenge Edition 2020
Valid from 01.01.2020

The EuroFloorball Cup is the championship tournament for the National Club Champions from the 5th and lower ranked European Member Associations. The tournament is played with 6 teams for both men and women (12 teams in total).

The EuroFloorball Challenge is the championship tournament for the National Club Champions from the 9th and lower ranked European Member Associations for both men and women. The Winners of the highest EuroFloorball Challenge level qualifies to the EuroFloorball Cup the following year.


Transgender Athlete Policy for International Competition

IFF Transgendery Policy 2023
Valid from 01.06.2023

This policy outlines the conditions of eligibility of transgender athletes in international floorball competitions. This policy applies only to international floorball competitions in which the eligibility of players falls under the direct jurisdiction of the International Floorball Federation (IFF). A full list of these events can be found in the policy document.