In 2019, the gender equality and education tool, Fifty/Fifty, was launched in Sweden. In collaboration with the International Floorball Federation, the education is now available globally and available to all Floorball associations and clubs. 

Fifty/Fifty is a digital education developed in Sweden by the Värmland’s Floorball Association and RF SISU Värmland to inspire and spread knowledge about gender equality in sports.  In six digital lessons inspiration, facts, discussion, and reflection are mixed. The goal is to increase knowledge and achieve greater gender equality in Floorball.

Since the launch in Sweden, over 200 associations have taken the course. Now Fifty/Fifty is available to everyone in English in a collaboration between the Swedish Floorball Association and the International Floorball Federation.

To find out more visit:  Fifty/Fifty education


Listen to why Swedish national team player Moa Gustafsson believes the Fifty/Fifty tool is so important…


This is Fifty/Fifty

Fifty/Fifty is an online course that aims to inspire and share knowledge about gender equality in sports. Six online sessions combine inspiration, facts, discussion and reflection with a focus on what you and your club can gain from greater gender equality. Fifty/Fifty is available free of charge to all sports clubs and sports federations whose national floorball federation is an affiliate of the International Floorball Federation (IFF).

The aim of the course is for you and your club to increase your knowledge about why it is important to work with gender equality and the benefits that it offers both the club and its members. Fifty/Fifty is intended to sow the seeds for new ideas and enable you and your club to start making practical, relatively small changes that, in the long run, result in significant improvement.

The course is mainly aimed for the boards of clubs and federations. The idea is for the six sessions to be completed in conjunction with an equal number of board meetings. Each session takes about 45 minutes.

The content of Fifty/Fifty is practical and closely related to your club or association’s day-to-day activities, and naturally we hope that you will find the material both interesting and engaging.

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