In 2021, in conjunction with its 35th anniversary the IFF decided to establish the IFF Hall of Fame.  During the years there have already been many long, distinguished international careers which are worth acknowledging. Acceptance in the Hall of Fame will be a high recognition of a person’s exceptional international floorball career (player/coach/referee).

Hall of Fame Tribute video – WFC 2021

Hall of Fame Tribute video – WFC 2020


General concept

A person can be inaugurated in the IFF Hall of Fame (HoF) if they have been very successful in their international playing/coaching/refereeing career, advanced and promoted the development and awareness of floorball in an exceptional way or is otherwise highly merited among the sport of floorball.

Persons eligible for candidature are players, coaches, referees.

A player, coach or referee can be nominated for Hall of Fame- candidature three (3) years after retiring from their active career.  The only exception in this rule is for the introduction year of the HoF in 2021 when only retirement from active career in considered (without the three-year minimum).

The IFF Hall of Fame Selection Committee has the possibility to choose players based on candidature submissions which have be submitted by the annual deadline. National federations have the right to nominate HoF-candidates. The Committee has full authority to decide about the inauguration based on the evaluation of the submissions.


IFF Hall of Fame Selection Committee

The structure of the committee is as follows:

  • IFF Central Board, 5-4 members (gender split consideration)
  • National team coaches, 3-4 members (gender split consideration)
  • IFF Media, 2 members
  • ATC representatives, 2 members (gender split consideration)
  • IFF Sales Coordinator, 1 member

The current elected IFF Hall of Fame Selection Committee (CB meeting 5.9.2021):

IFF Central Board:

Mr. Stephen King (AUS), Mr. Martin Klabere (SWE), Ms. Agata Plechan, ATC (POL), Mr. Filip Suman (CZE) and Ms. Kaarina Vuori (FIN)

National Team Coaches:

Mr. David Jansson, SUI Men’s Head coach (SWE), Mr. Petri Kettunen, CZE Men’s Head coach (FIN), Mr. Giorgio Battaini, former ITA Women’s Head coach (ITA) and Mr. Zednek Skruzny, former CZE Men’s Head coach (CZE)

ATC representatives:

Ms. Lara Heini (SUI) and Mr. Sergio Garces (ESP)

IFF Media:

Mr. Jürg Kihm (replacement for Merita Bruun during her maternity leave) (SUI) and Ms. Mari Myllärinen (FIN)

IFF Sales Coordinator:

Mr. Tero Kalsta (FIN)


The term of the Selection Committee is the same as the CB term.

IFF Office will collect national federation proposals for national team coach members for the Selection Committee.


IFF Hall of Fame nominations

The Selection Committee will get the nominations received from national federations and prepared by the IFF Office. Nominations must be submitted by the 30th of August. Decisions about inaugurations will be made by mid-September/early October.

The Selection Committee will decide the induction of the nominees by a majority vote.

For the initial introduction year (2021) of IFF Hall of Fame national federations are expected to nominate candidates for each gender from three different eras: 1990-1999 / 2000-2009 / 2010-2021. After the launch year nominations will be considered every five years.

The nomination form can be found here.

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