The new Media Platform is launched by IFF for the Men’s World Floorball Championships 2022.

The new IFF Media Platform is a social media app and a web-platform that is fully focused on our sport. It will show match results, live feeds, statistics, photos, video highlights and live-streaming. You will be able to follow your favourite team/nation and follow live updates from each game they play, with the ability to engage through chat with other fans or by uploading your fan photo or video during the game.


The IFF Floorball App can be downloaded via this link: https://floorball.app.link/open

You also can go directly to the Apple (iOS) or the Google (android) stores.


  1. Install the app from App Store or Google Play.
  2. Sign up using your mobile phone number and a security code that you will get by SMS
  3. Follow your favourite teams to get notifications about matches and never miss any action
  4. Follow the live score, watch livestreams, interviews & highlights. Share your emotions and cheer for your team!

This decision to partner with Sportswik was approved by the Central Board at their meeting in early September 2022. This new media platform will be a great communication tool for the IFF, floorball fans, member associations and all those involved in the sport, helping you follow each international game even more.


It will be required to purchase a tournament pass or pay-per-view-ticket to be able to watch the games live.

The highlights of all games will be free.


The new IFF Floorball App includes the following:

  • Latest scores & standings
  • Alerts when games start or end and when the scores change
  • Live streams
  • Immediate goal highlights
  • Team lists
  • Team line-ups
  • Statistics
  • Overtime Show (only WFC)
  • Player interviews
  • Listing favourite teams and matches
  • UNIHOC guess the results competition & prizes
  • Comparing game prediction skills with others
  • Social and sharing of tips, teams and results
  • Possibility to upload your own fan content


The app is made and powered by Sportswik

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