The partnership with floorball will give You not only the strong visibility in the IFF events and marketing communication, but especially a genuine and committed long-term relationship in which:

  • Shared values form the durable ground
  • Partnership is being seen as a significant, profitable process
  • Value is co-created together continuously and systematically for the benefit of both parties

Source: IFF Fan Survey 2018/19

Floorball segment

  • With floorball the challenging target group of young adults can effectively be reached and interacted with.
  • The majority of floorball followers belong to the segment in which people are still forming their more permanent consuming habits
  • Floorball followers are comparably very active, engaging  in the social media


If you would like to discuss the possibilities of moving into floorball with your business, please contact the IFF Sales and Mr. Tero Kalsta (kalsta(at), phone: +358 50 550 0499

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