The International Floorball Federation (IFF) is the head organisation of world floorball and was founded by Sweden, Finland & Switzerland on 12th April 1986.

Floorball is a fast growing sport, traditionally played indoors with sticks that have a carbon fibre shaft and plastic blade. In the original version of the game each team have five field players and a goalkeeper on the court at one time, with the goalkeeper playing without a stick. Other formats of the game are played with 3v3 and 4v4 on modified court sizes, either with or without a goalkeeper. Many of these modified versions are played outdoors.

The IFF is a full member of the IOC, an ordinary member of GAISF (formerly SportAccord) and cooperates with FISU. It is a medal sport on The World Games programme.

The Strategic vision for the Floorball is defined as follows in the IFF Vision statement:

“To be the internationally approved sole owner of the dynamic sport of Floorball and to ensure all its different forms and identities and to serve as an attractive sport for all. Being a healthy organisation with sufficient human and financial resources, with over 100 international member associations, which are having and organising their own national championships, and with five continental confederations.

Floorball is adaptable to be played on a global level taking into consideration all the different infrastructural conditions, according to the standardised game rules, with a World Floorball Championships played with participants from five continents, based on the qualifications and being on the program of the Universiade, the World Games and/or the Olympic Games by 2020.”


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