The IFF Athletes’ Commission (ATC) was incredibly busy in May, during the Women’s U19 World Floorball Championships and 3v3 World Floorball Championships in Lahti, Finland. Chaired by Agata Plechan from Poland, the meeting brought together representatives from around the globe: Lara Heini from Switzerland, Tomas Sladky from the Czech Republic, Junoh Lee from South Korea, Jarno Ihme from Finland, Yui Takahashi from Japan, and Sergio Garces from Spain.

The ATC’s weekend began with productive discussions with the IFF Secretary General John Liljelund and IFF President Tomas Eriksson. These meetings focused on the ATC’s contributions, the decision-making process, and ongoing matters within the IFF. Notably, the ATC will be invited to future CB workshops, highlighting the importance of their input in shaping the sport’s future. Alongside these discussions, there was the excitement of witnessing the first ever 3v3 WFC tournament and the thrilling U19 WFC matches happening under the same roof.

Among various topics, such as International Calendar, or Player of the Year Award, the ATC discussed the Activity Rule proposal and the ongoing process of rules changes with Sergio Garces providing insights from the Reference Group meeting. The finalised list of rule changes will be reviewed in a follow-up meeting, with feedback to be submitted to the IFF by the end of August 2024. This proactive approach ensures that the rules evolve to meet the needs of the sport and its players.



One of the most exciting initiatives discussed was the ATC Buddy Program. This mentorship program aims to connect young athletes with top league players for personalised guidance through regular video calls. The program seeks to leverage the inspirational role of top athletes to provide mentorship beyond what parents or coaches typically offer. The pilot phase is set to begin in the 2024/25 season, targeting U19 national team players and top league athletes.

Although time constraints limited discussions with the IFF media team, the ATC emphasised the need for closer collaboration. Plans include inviting the media team to future meetings and enhancing ATC’s presence on IFF’s social media platforms during events.



Throughout the whole weekend, the ATC collected extensive feedback during the 3v3 WFC tournament. They noted the balance between elite and recreational play, the potential for smaller nations to compete, and the need for clear rules and structure to ensure the tournament’s credibility.

The meeting in Lahti was an important step in the ATC’s ongoing efforts to influence the development of floorball keeping interests of athletes at centre. By addressing key issues, proposing innovative ideas, and planning for future changes, the ATC continues to play a crucial role in advancing the sport for athletes worldwide. The weekend was filled with passion, progress and the shared love for a sport that continues to grow and inspire.


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