Stick with it! was developed already in 2019 and the original plan was to launch in December 2020 at the Men’s World Floorball Championships in Helsinki. Due to the pandemic the launch was postponed and was implemented the first time during the 2021 U19 events both in Brno and Uppsala. The campaign will gain full speed at the adult events both Uppsala and Helsinki 2021. The plan is to execute it at all future events.


The local organisation committees will communicate to the local floorball community that collection boxes will be placed at venues for visitors to deposit their floorball equipment that has become redundant. The material collected will either be channeled to local charitable organisations which will coordinate the redistribution of the material or used a part of the equipment support IFF delivers to developing floorball countries. This way the equipment can get a second life and bring joy to even more people.


The plastic material which is no longer usable (broken balls, broken blades, broken drinking bottles) will be recycled. The long-term objective is to create awareness that also floorball material would as much as possible be recycled in the spirit of sustainability.

The programme contributes to four of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


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