For the 16th time, Innebandymagazinet awards the world’s best female floorball player together with national team coaches and international media. Emelie Wibron, forward in Thorengruppen
IBK and Sweden’s national team, gets the 2022 award. This is the first time Wibron has won the award.

Why Wibron

Emelie Wibron has been playing at the top level for many years, but now she is better than ever. The ability to maintain a high level in every match, and make the difference in the most important
matches, makes Emelie unique. In 2022, she won the Swedish Championship gold medal with Thorengruppen and was the top scorer in the Swedish Super League (SSL). She was named Player of the year in Swedish Floorball and Forward of the year in SSL.

— The finest individual award you can get and very honourable. I want the teams I play for to be the best and I take my responsibility for the national team and my club team to win titles, says Emelie Wibron.

Facts about Emelie Wibron

Born: February 27, 1992
Position: Forward
Grip: Left
Club: Thorengruppen IBK
Original club: Sundsvalls IBF

World’s best floorball players 2022

1. Emelie Wibron, SWE
2. Veera Kauppi, FIN
3. Maja Viström, SWE
4. Wilma Johansson, SWE
5. Oona Kauppi, FIN
6. Ida Sundberg, SWE
7. Eliška Krupnová, CZE
8. Ellen Rasmussen, SWE
9. Milla Nordlund, FIN
10. Jana Christianová, CZE

World’s best player year by year

2022: Emelie Wibron, Sweden
2021: Veera Kauppi, Finland
2020: Eliška Krupnová, Czech Republic
2019: Anna Wijk, Sweden
2018: Veera Kauppi, Finland
2017: Veera Kauppi, Finland
2016: Anna Wijk, Sweden
2015: Anna Wijk, Sweden
2014: Anna Wijk, Sweden
2013: Emelie Lindström, Sweden
2012: Emelie Lindström, Sweden
2011: Emelie Lindström, Sweden
2010: Hermine Dahlerus, Sweden
2009: Karolina Widar, Sweden
2008: Simone Berner, Switzerland
2007: Karolina Widar, Sweden

Facts about the award

World’s best female floorball players have been awarded since year 2007, making this the 16th time. Winners are selected by Innebandymagazinet in cooperation with national team coaches and international media from the most influential floorball countries. Anna Wijk has been awarded most (4) times.


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