2018 Level-1 Floorball Coaching Seminar for Special Olympic Schools in Shanghai, China Successfully Completed

In order to further promote floorball among special community in Shanghai, China, 2018 Level-1 Floorball Coaching Seminar for Special Olympic Schools was organised from 28th -29th of June, 2018 by the Special Olympics Shanghai and co-organised by the Shanghai Future Youth Development Center with the help of the Special School of Shanghai Pudong New District. The seminar was held with endorsement from the International Floorball Federation (IFF) and strong assistance from the Asian and Oceania Floorball Confederation. Mr. Yuan Yong, the jury person of the Rules and Competition Committee (RACC) of the IFF, was the principal instructor of this seminar.

Widely welcomed by special community, this seminar was aimed at developing the floorball knowledge and skills of PE teachers from Shanghai Special Olympic schools. There were teachers from nearly 20 special schools in Eastern China participating in this seminar. Combined with theoretical lectures and practice, the seminar was focused on the characteristics of Special Olympic games and the expertise of floorball. Through two days of hard-working, learning and practice, the participants who passed the exams were awarded certificates issued by the Special Olympics Shanghai and the IFF.


After this seminar, the Special Olympics Shanghai plans to comprehensively promote floorball in every special school in Shanghai, establish floorball school teams to perform regular training, and organise municipal competitions in this year to check training results.


Source and pictures:   China Floorball Federation

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