Finnish Floorball Federation

Association founded: 1985
IFF member since: 1986 (one of IFF founders)
Member of National Olympic Committee: Yes
Member of Finnish Sport Federation: Yes



Association Contacts

Finnish Floorball Federation  (Suomen Salibandyliitto SSBL)
Alakiventie 2
00920 Helsinki

Phone +358 9 454 21 40

E-mail for International affairs: kari.lampinen(at)
E-mail for International player transfers: pelaajasiirrot(at)


President: Mr. Risto Kauppinen risto.kauppinen(at)
Vice President: Ms. Arja Kilpeläinen arja.kilpeläinen(at)
Secretary General: Mr. Kari Lampinen kari.lampinen(at)
Transfer: Mr. Lasse Lepola lasse.lepola(at)
Anti-doping: Mr. Jari Oksanen jari.oksanen(at)
Referees: Mr. Mika Saastamoinen mika.saastamoinen(at)
National teams: Mr. Jari Oksanen jari.oksanen(at)
Media: Mr. Jussi Ojala jussi.ojala(at)
Education: Mr. Miikka Lamu miikka.lamu(at)
Club Development: Ms. Mervi Kilpikoski mervi.kilpikoski(at)
Different forms of playing: Mr. Kim Sällström kim.sallstrom(at)
ParaFloorball: Ms. Eeva Welling eeva.welling(at)


Number of licensed players

Total: 61 368
Men: 20 866
Women: 4 564
Men Under 19: 30 254
Women Under 19: 5 684
Number of Floorball Clubs: 810


Latest IFF event participation

Women: WFC 2017 – 2nd
Men: WFC 2018 – 1st
Women U19: WFC 2018 – 2nd
Men U19: WFC 2019 – 3rd


 IFF events organised by the association

2022 Champions Cup (tba)
2020 Men’s World Championships (Helsinki)
2017 Champions Cup (Seinäjoki)
2015 Women’s World Championships (Tampere)
2013 Champions Cup (Tampere)
2010 Men’s World Championships (Helsinki & Vantaa)
2009 Men’s U19 World Championships (Turku & Raisio)
2008 EuroFloorball Cup Qualifications (Helsinki & Porvoo)
2007/08 EuroFloorball Cup (Vantaa)
2004 Women’s U19 World Championships (Tampere)
2002 Men’s World Championships (Helsinki)
1998 European Cup (Helsinki & Vantaa)
1997 Women’s World Championships (Mariehamn & Godby)
1994 Men’s European Championships (Helsinki)
1993 Women’s European Cup (Helsinki)

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