Côte d´Ivoire Floorball Federation

Association founded: 2014
IFF member since: 2018
Member of National Sports Authority: –
Member of National Olympic Committee: –

Website: Facebook Page


Association Contacts

Fédération Ivoirienne de Floorball (FIFL)
sis KOUMASSI residence AGOUTIS
LOT B9 11 BP 1399 Abidjan 11

Phone: +225 480 64576 / +225 582 00164

E-mail: floorballivoire225(at)gmail.com


President: Marcel Wadja bletchiwadja(at)gmail.com
Vice Presidents: Viviane Yeoun yeounvivane(at)gmail.com
Secretary General: Diane Ayebie adianeemma(at)gmail.com
Education/Development: Alice Blahoua balice12(at)gmail.com
Media contact: Stephane Bollou bolloustephane03(at)gmail.com
National team contact: Marcel Wadja bletchiwadja(at)gmail.com
Referee contact: Clement Bebo 40402860pb(at)gmail.com
Anti-Doping contact: Kevin Yeo Devaga ydevaga(at)gmail.com
Transfer contact: Alice Blahoua balice12(at)gmail.com
ParaFloorball contact: Blahoua Alice balice12(at)gmail.com


Number of licensed players

Total: 600
Men: 197
Women: 89
Men Under 19: 198
Women Under 19: 116
Number of Floorball Clubs: 12


Latest IFF event participation

Men: WFC 2020 qualification


IFF events organised by the association

2018 Africa Floorball Cup (Abidjan)


Côte d'Ivoire Floorball News

Women's U19 WFC 2024....