Club Omnisports d’Abobo (COSA) are now the national floorball champions in both women’s and men’s side in Côte d’Ivoire. Launched on 11th March with eight men’s teams and three women’s teams, the 4th edition of the National Floorball Championship reached its climax on Saturday 20th May at the Palais des Sports in Treichville.

The men’s and women’s teams from Abobo have won the national floorball championship in Côte d’Ivoire for the first time in their history. The men’s team dethroned the reigning three-times champions Saint Bernard.

With a fine performance throughout the men’s competition, the former champions St Bernard finished in second place. Cocody FC came third. Their solid performance earned them a place on the podium. Black Lions finished fourth, while AOPA FC were fifth. 2 Plateaux came sixth, followed by Nordique in seventh place and Abobo FC in eighth place.

Guy Landry, the captain of the St Bernand team, who is still reeling from the loss of his team’s crown, although they are still vice-champions, is promising an even better competition in the near future.

Cocody FC vs COSA


COSA won the women’s competition after staying undefeated throughout the season. Nordique finished second and AOPA got the third place.

Driven by the will to win on the very first day of the competition, the COSA athletes not only won the trophy but also most of the prizes in the 2023 Floorball Championship. Athletes from the Abobo outfit were in almost every award category.

Koné Yasmine was the top scorer with 7 goals while Fofana Karidja and Konaté Koura were awarded best goalkeepers. All three players are from COSA. As for the men, Edoukou Jean Marc and Bollou Stéphane were awarded best goalkeepers, Oholiab Kouadio (Cocody FC) and Ble Bonaventure (Black Lions) were the top scorers of the season with 8 goals each, and Abolly Konan David (COSA), Ouattara Daouda (COSA) and Guy Landry (St Bernard) were in the team of the year. This feeling of rage, which animated more than one team, gave a beautiful colour to the apotheosis of this cross-country ball competition.

A chapter has been closed, but President Marcel Wadja is satisfied with the level of the teams, and intends to pursue his vision of introducing Ivorian youth to floorball. This is why the next mission will be to migrate to the interior of the country for a vast promotion of the discipline.

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