WFC 2023 Final Power Rankings!

Ranking all the teams every 2 days of the tournament in Singapore this year. It’s not just a boring numbered list, it’s the *not to be taken seriously* IFF Power Rankings!

Check out the list below to find out where we stand after the 2023 Women’s World Championships with all 16 teams!


  1.  Sweden 51 wins, 9 championships in a row. Hey Siri play “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen
  2. Finland I know we’ve said it a lot before but we WILL be back next time
  3. Czech Republic We had forgotten what medals look like
  4. Switzerland We ran out of Rivella just before the Bronze game…
  5. Slovakia Anyone know any Czech/Slovak restaurants in Chengdu?
  6. Poland We will miss you Weronika!!!
  7. Latvia  – We don’t like Chinese food anyway
  8. Denmark  –  Not bad for a crowdfunded team full of teenagers
  9. Japan  – ありがとうシンガポール!私たちはあなたを忘れません
  10. Germany And it all started so well…
  11. Norway We’re counting this as a holiday
  12. Singapore Loved playing in front of some of our fans
  13. Estonia From 29 °C to -3°C. Please help.
  14. USA  Since our squad is like half Swedish can we get half gold medals?
  15. France The Croissants will taste extra sweet now
  16. Australia  – ¤hiccup¤


*WFC 2023 Power rankings are a fun, non serious look at all the teams competing in Singapore this December. They are for the enjoyment of the fans and in no way reflect the actual World Rankings or Tournament Standings.

Inspired by the IIHF’s Power Rankings.

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