Emelie Wibron and Corin Rüttimann took over new records during Women’s World Floorball Championships 2023 in Singapore. They now share the record for most points (98) at World Floorball Championships.

Emelie Wibron became the overall highest point scorer in the Women’s World Floorball Championships already after her first game in Singapore. Wibron got five points when Sweden met Slovakia and that was enough for a new record – 89 points. Previously, the top point scorer position was dominated by another famous player from Sweden, Anna Wijk with 88 points. As the World Championships continued, so did the chase for more points. After the event, Wibron is on top with 98 points together with Corin Rüttimann.

In addition to becoming a player with most points at WFC, Corin Rüttimann also has other records under her name. She has scored most goals (61) at Women’s World Floorball Championships. In Singapore, Rüttimann also became the player with most WFC matches – total of 48 matches from 2009—2023.

Also other players improved their position on the overall points scorer list.

Marie Häggström (USA) is currently fourth with 82 points.

Veera Kauppi (FIN) is fifth with 81 points.

Paulina Hudakova (SVK) is sixth with 79 points. Hudakova also has the record for most points in a single WFC tournament from 2017.

Michaela Sponiarova (SVK) is eighth with 74 points but did announce that WFC 2023 was her last in the national team jersey.

Moa Tschöp (SWE) is 10th with 73 points.


All Women’s WFC records can be found here

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