In the spirit of the FairFloorball campaign the IFF, in partnership with PUMA, paid tribute to players who live up to the values of FairFloorball. One player from each team received a FairFloorball Player Award during World Floorball Championships 2023 in Singapore. 

The team management nominated one player from their own team to receive the award, which was presented after the final match played by the team in the event.

The following criteria was considered when selecting the FairFloorball player (not every criterion must be met):

  • Embodies the spirit of fair play (on and off the field of play)
  • Portrays sportsmanship
  • Hard-working team player
  • Encourages others to be better and work harder
  • Respects their opponents and referees
  • Acts as a role model
  • Leads by example


FairFloorball Players

Nilda Gardet (FRA) & Blaise Hodges (AUS)


Suzanne Lindquist (USA) & Johanna Siling (EST)


Riana Kyra Mena König (GER) & Rei Goto (JPN)


Tone Einstulen (NOR) & Shermaine Goh (SGP)


Mette Thorsager Jensen (DEN) & Simona Grāpēna (LAT)


Weronika Noga (POL) & Katarína Klapitová (SVK)


Doris Berger (SUI) & Eliška Trojánková (CZE)


Lisa Carlsson (SWE) & Hanna Niemelä (FIN)


Read more about FairFloorball from here

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