The final day of the group stage in Denmark has been played. Here are the results.

Group A:

Czech Republic – Latvia (4-2)
Finland – Poland (18-0)

Despite Latvia scoring first, Czech Republic managed to maintain the pressure and lead throughout the game, despite Latvia’s efforts to catch up. The final score was 4-2 in favor of the Czech Republic. The match between Finland and Poland was a completely one-sided affair, with Finland dominating from start to finish. The Finnish team scored 18 goals, while Poland failed to score any.

Group B:
Switzerland – Slovakia (9-2)
Sweden – Germany (13-1)

Slovakia had a strong start, scoring two goals in the first period, but Switzerland responded with seven goals in the second period, ending the game with a score of 9-2 in their favor. Sweden was the clear favorite and did not disappoint, scoring 13 goals throughout the game while Germany only managed to score once.

Group C:
Denmark – Estonia (5-5)
USA – Austria (6-9)

Denmark started like the first two games with a very secure defend and an aggresive offensive. Nevertheless Estonia made a comeback and ended the game with a fair result. Austria took the win against a hard fighting Team USA.

Group D
Norway – Australia (17-2)
Slovenia – Singapore (14-4)

Another one-sided match, with Norway scoring 17 goals and Australia only managing to score two. Slovenia dominated the game from start to finish, scoring 14 goals and limiting Singapore to just four.

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