The World Games 2022 takes place in Birmingham, AL, USA from 7th – 17th July. The Floorball competition will be held from 8th – 12th July at Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC). 

Playing system

The Floorball competition will be held from 8th – 12th July. There will be 8 men’s teams divided into two groups. The first three days will be group matches, followed by semi-finals, placement and medal matches. Teams will have a maximum of 14 players and up to 4 officials. Game time will be 3 x 15 minutes. Only in the play-off stages will there be extra time and penalty shots, if required.

Streaming & videos

All group matches as well as the 7th and 5th place matches are available on IFF Youtube channel. The semi-finals and medal matches are available on Olympic channel.

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Photos from the event will be uploaded on IFF Flickr and The World Games Flickr. Credit for all photos must be given to The World Games 2022.

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Match schedule and statistics can be found here

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