Norway complete the line-up for the main round in Helsinki after Switzerland and Slovakia had already qualified on Day 3. Italy win their first match at the WFCQ with Cote d’Ivoire after three consecutive losses in the group stage. Belgium played fairly even first period but Hungary took the lead and secured 5th place with 4-9 win. 

Italy v Cote d’Ivoire 25-2 (7th place)
Game statistics
Best players:
Alex Richard (ITA)
Marcel Wadja (CIV)

Belgium v Hungary 4-9 (5th place)
Game statistics
Best players:
Lucas Balcinhas Godinho (BEL)
Peter Pfneiszli (HUN)

Switzerland v Slovakia 16-3 (Final)
Game statistics
Best players:
Stefan Hutzli (SUI)
Michal Pazak (SVK)

Russia v Norway 5-8 (3rd place)
Game statistics
Best players:
Vladimir Churkin (RUS)
Daniel Gidske (NOR)

With all the EUR 2 matches played the final standings for the group are:

  1. Switzerland q
  2. Slovakia q
  3. Norway q
  4. Russia
  5. Hungary
  6. Belgium
  7. Italy
  8. Cote d’Ivoire

Team MVPs

Switzerland: Tobias Studer
Slovakia: Michal Dudovic
Norway: Ole Mossin Olesen
Russia: Aleksandr Trofimov 
Hungary: Domokos Racz
Belgium: Florian Wery
Italy: Federico Di Gia 
Cote d’Ivoire: Henry E. Oga 

All match recording and interviews on IFF YouTube Channel 1.


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