The last matches of Men’s WFC 2020 qualifications EUR3 group were played today. Germany, Czech Republic and Latvia are the three teams that qualified to WFC in Helsinki. 

France v Liechtenstein 11-3 (7th place)
Game statistics
Best players:
Florent Rivoire (FRA)
Robin Baracchi (LIE)

Netherlands v Austria 5-1 (5th place)
Game statistics
Best players:
Tobias van `t Hoff (NED)
Christoph Platzer (AUT)

Spain v Germany 4-8 (3rd place)
Game statistics
Best players:
Sergio Fuentes Sanchez (ESP)
Joel Wenning (GER)

Czech Republic v Latvia 5-3  (Final)
Game statistics
Best players:
Lukas Bauer (CZE)
Klavs Jansons (LAT)

With all the EUR 3 matches played the final standings for the group are:

  1. Czech Republic q
  2. Latvia q
  3. Germany q
  4. Spain
  5. Netherlands
  6. Austria
  7. France
  8. Liechtenstein

Team MVPs

Czech Republic: Patrik Doza
Latvia: Peteris Trekse
Germany: Janos Broker
Spain: Anton Sjolund Jurado
Netherlands: Max Molander
Austria: Niklas Felsberger
France: Hugo Botton
Liechtenstein: Remo Tischhauser

All match recording and interviews on IFF YouTube Channel 1.


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