The IFF has together with Exel and Canadien launched a new Precision WFC-vanilla ball for all IFF events.

The new ball with unique qualities is an excellent continuation in IFF’s strive to reach a status where all IFF competitions have the same flooring, Floorball material and apparels. This new ball is a very important step in this direction.

The ball has been tested on the court surface “Gerflor-Taraflex” and stands out in the best possible way from the court. The visibility of new ball has been tested on TV and different Floorball teams have also tested the ball.

The New Precision WFC ball is crafted using the latest technology and know-how from aerodynamics. A spherical lattice network of 1516 dimples generates reduced air resistance due to controlled airflow around the ball resulting in:

– Increased ball speed
– Good touch and better ball control
– Less friction during the ball slide
– More accurate passes and goal shooting
– Stable ball flight
– Clear contrast against the World Cup court and other playing court surfaces

These unique characteristics ensure a faster and safer play in all situations and on all types of court surface. This can be felt especially on rubber floors and other frictional court surfaces.


The ball’s innovative surface and weight distribution of the ball offer benefits to all levels of play compared to traditional balls. The dimples also make the ball bounce softly which leads to a better control.

Precision WFC will be first used in the World Championships 2006 at the Globen Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. The IFF will send the new ball to all the participating teams in the WFC 2006 so that the teams will have the possibility to practice with the new ball before WFC 2006.

The new Precision WFC will be available in shops at the end of May 2006.






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