Swedish Floorball Federation is launching a communication campaign ‘Welcome to the folk sport’. Folksport means a sport that appeals to many and is open to all.

The vision of the Swedish Floorball Federation is floorball becoming the people’s sport in Sweden.The new campaign they are launching focuses on the joy and community that floorball holds. Välkommen till folksporten – Welcome to the folk sport.

Folksport is simple and fun, many people want to practice it and is also entertaining to watch. Floorball is growing in Sweden and it is the sport that has recovered the strongest after the pandemic, which is reflected in the number of female licences in the new season.

The campaign features unique stories of people who tell how and why they become part of the floorball family. In total, there are seven stories that viewers can watch.

For me floorball means community, joy and everyone’s equal right to participate in a leisure activity. Regardless of what physical or mental conditions we have. We have a lovely community, and are very inclusive, you can come as you are. We make no demands that you follow a certain template, so come as you are. It will be great fun, says Pontus Ydström who is active in FBC Kalmarsund in one of the campaign films.

Tero Marjamäki, the Communications Manager at Swedish Floorball Federation shared his thoughts on the topic: Floorball is a fantastic sport. Fast paced and entertaining. But above all, it provides context and community for many, and that is exactly what is in focus in our new campaign.

The main objective of the campaign is a long-term investment to strengthen the Swedish Floorball brand.

Swedish Floorballs communication partner Passion Lab is the creators behind the campaign films. We really wanted to show that floorball is the Swedish folk sport. We look forward to continuing to contribute to realizing floorball’s enormous potential in its power to engage people of different ages and levels and show that floorball is a community where everyone is welcome, says Daniel Hegborn, Strategic Manager at Passion Lab.


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