On 12th of September, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as part of the UN Sports For Climate Action work, launched a global sport fan survey #BiggerThanTheGame.

We are inviting all floorball federations and clubs to sports fans around the world to support the potential for an authentic sport community engagement.

By understanding the challenges faced by sport fans and their communities, we can pave the way for innovative, impactful, and community-driven climate responses that resonate on a global scale.

Please take the survey! The more responses we get, the more accurate and informed our (UN Sports for Climate Action) global strategy will be. You can find the survey here.

Your love for sports can drive climate action. Help us understand how!

Every fan has a voice that can make a difference. Share your thoughts on sports, community, and climate. #BiggerThanTheGame

The International Floorball Federation has been signee of the UN Sports for Climate Action network since 2019.

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