The permissions to use the over-length sticks

The IFF grants special permissions to players who are taller than 190 cm to use longer sticks than the material regulations allow. If the player is 190 cm tall, but less than 194 cm, the permission is for a stick of total length of 116 cm. If the player is 194 cm or taller, then the overall length of the stick can be 118 cm.

The player also needs to provide a medical certificate of the height, signed by a doctor or a nurse and fill an application. The administrative fee for the permit is 50 €.

The permits are valid after the payment has been made and the IFF updates the permit list on the website and a permit card is also delivered. If the player changes the stick brand the player only needs to inform the IFF and new permit will be granted without any new payments or applications.

More information and the application form can be asked from the IFF office from Mr. Veli Halonen halonen(at)

All the permissions on the table are valid after publishing and are valid until further noticed.

The permissions to use the over-length sticks, from the season 2017-2018 on!
 Player Nation Brand
 Matias Keskitalo Finland Fat Pipe
 Mika Savolainen Finland Exel, Oxdog
 Eemeli Salin Finland Fat Pipe, Oxdog
 Pedram Masumi Finland Fat Pipe
 Juuso Kettunen Finland Fat Pipe
 Lars-Erik Sikkeland Norway Fat Pipe
 Jamie Koller Switzerland Fat Pipe
 Tapio Kinnunen Finland Fat Pipe, Exel
 Mikko Leinonen Finland Fat Pipe
 Miro Anttila Finland Fat Pipe
 Miro Krykov Finland Fat Pipe
 Yannick Jaunin Switzerland Salming
 Santeri Heinonen Finland  Fat Pipe
 Jukka Voutilainen Finland Fat Pipe
 Lukas Hediger Switzerland Fat Pipe
 Ismo Kokora Finland Fat Pipe 
 Jari Miettinen Finland Fat Pipe
 Sven WyssSwitzerland  Fat Pipe
 Elmeri Kryssi Finland Fat Pipe, Exel
 Adrian Hiram Sweden Zone
 Samuli Malinen Finland Exel, Fat Pipe, Oxdog
 Arttu Annala Finland Fat Pipe
 Konsta Tykkyläinen Finland Oxdog
 Andrea Menon Switzerland Fat Pipe
 Aaro Astala Finland Oxdog
 Jussi Huuskonen Finland Fat Pipe
 Alexander Nyman Finland Oxdog, Fat Pipe
 Juuso Saarinen Finland Fat Pipe
 Joel Paasolainen Finland Fat Pipe
 Janne Jankkari Finland Fat Pipe
 Olli Ruotsalainen Finland Fat Pipe, Oxdog, Exel
 Lauri Viitala Finland Exel
 Viktor Eriksson Sweden Exel
 Ville-Matti Saviniemi Finland Oxdog, Exel
 Axel Hedman Finland Salming, Fat Pipe
 Mika Hietamäki Finland Oxdog 
 Arttu Suontausta Finland  Fat Pipe
 Miro Lehtinen Finland Oxdog
 Emils Dzalbs Latvia Fat Pipe
 Mikko Rajatsalo Finland Fat Pipe
 Luukas Lahtinen Finland Fat Pipe
 Rasmus Rivasto Finland Fat Pipe
 Ramon Michel Switzerland Unihoc
 Fabian Moser Switzerland Fat Pipe
 Kimmo Rantamäki Finland Oxdog
 Jaakko Rintala Finland Fat Pipe
 Kenneth Brook United Kingdom Zone, Unihoc
 Roope Shnoro Finland Exel, Oxdog
 Fredrik Holmvik Norway Zone
 Thomas Joutsikoski United Kingdom Oxdog
 Niko Mäkelä Finland Fat Pipe
 Joona Auronen Finland Oxdog
 David Grabow Sweden Zone
 Filip Lindwall Sweden Zone, Fat Pipe
 Anssi Kivistö Finland Fat Pipe
 Joonatan Veijola Finland Exel
 Matias Sucksdorff Finland Fat Pipe, Zone
 Oscar Eriksson Elfsberg Sweden Oxdog, Exel
 Simo Kettunen Finland Exel
Mathias Riseth Norway Fat Pipe
 Sami Silvan Finland Oxdog
 Manul Rüegg Switzerland Unihoc
 Robin Redlund Sweden Unihoc/Zone
 Samuel Ottiger Switzerland Exel
 Christoph Camenisch Switzerland Unihoc/Zone
 Juho Airola Finland Fat Pipe
 Jesse Aittala Finland Fat Pipe
 Mikko Hautaniemi Finland Fat Pipe
 Santeri Talja Finland Exel, Oxdog
 Maximilian Lüke Germany Fat Pipe, Zone
 Kasper Mellanen Finland Fat Pipe, Oxdog
 Jussi Tuomi Finland Fat Pipe
Kaapo SchroderusFinlandOxdog
Gustav RosenSwedenZone
Lassi KronbergFinlandFat Pipe; Exel
Rasmus NeroSwedenZone
Stefan BöhmeGermanyZone
Axel MalmåsSwedenUnihoc
Jussi KiveläFinlandFat Pipe, Zone
Karlis RudzitisLatviaUnihoc
Rodrigo HitzSwitzerland Zone, Fat Pipe
Gustav EklundSwedenZone
Matteo GehrSwitzerland Zone
Jani RajalaFinlandFat Pipe
Rando KrammEstoniaFat Pipe
Otso MiettinenFinlandExel, Fat Pipe, Oxdog
Oscar ClaessonSwedenUnihoc, Zone
Petri BlomqvistFinlandFat Pipe
Arttu RonkainenFinlandFat Pipe, Exel, Oxdog
Roni TaalikkaFinlandOxdog
Ossi VainikkaFinlandFat Pipe, Zone
Lauri KohtamäkiFinlandFat Pipe, Oxdog
Saku LiikkaFinlandOxdog
Antti KäpynenFinlandFat Pipe
Gian-Luca NägeliSwitzerland Fat Pipe
Philippe BaumliSwitzerland Zone
Michael AusderauSwitzerland Exel
Mika PirhonenFinlandFat Pipe, Oxdog, Zone
Artturi AlholaFinlandFat Pipe, Oxdog
Juho KaukonenFinlandFat Pipe, Oxdog
Lars ZesigerSwitzerland Fat Pipe, Unihoc
Sami LindströmFinlandFat Pipe, Exel
Truls AndreassenNorwayExel
Joona NiukkanenFinlandOxdog
Tim MichelSwitzerland Fat Pipe, Unihoc
Timo ArvonenFinlandFat Pipe
Jonas LewySwitzerland Fat Pipe
Niklas TamperFinlandFat Pipe, Oxdog
Roope TähkäFinlandOxdog
Jukka VallinFinlandFat Pipe
Noel SchickSwitzerland Unihoc
Leo OjakangasSwedenUnihoc, Zone
Timo ArvonenFinlandFat Pipe
Kristaps LaugalisLatviaUnihoc, Fat Pipe, Exel
Artturi VänskäFinlandOxdog
Valtteri PaalanenFinlandOxdog
Lauri PaavolaFinlandFat Pipe
Otto BlomqvistFinlandFat Pipe
Ivo LüthiSwitzerland Fat Pipe
Alejandro HiitzSwitzerland Zone
Elias SellFinlandOxdog
Roni MäkinenFinlandFat Pipe
Janis AnisLatviaOxdog
Teemu KarppanenFinlandOxdog
Aleksi RantanenFinlandFat Pipe
Toni KivistöFinlandOxdog
Jesper AndreassonSwedenOxdog
Eero KarjanlahtiFinlandOxdog
Nicolas GrönlundFinlandFat Pipe
Gian-Marco MathiuetSwitzerland Unihoc, Oxdog
Aleksi KemppainenFinlandFat Pipe
Joonas KoskinenFinlandFat Pipe, Oxdog,Exel
Henri ElorantaFinlandFat Pipe, Oxdog
Pekko AatolaFinlandOxdog
Manuel RüeggSwitzerland Fat Pipe
Aaron KairavuoFinlandFat Pipe, Exel, Oxdog
Sebastian AnderssonSwedenOxdog, Fat Pipe
Matias LämsäFinlandOxdog
Rasmus SturveSwedenFat Pipe, Oxdog, Zone
Weeti SuniFinlandOxdog, Fat Pipe
Åkesson JonatanFinlandFat Pipe
Joshua HayAustraliaOxdog
Silas KihmSwitzerland Fat Pipe
Manuel StuderSwitzerland Unihoc
Samu TasFinlandOxdog
Otto TrebsFinlandOxdog, Fat Pipe
Juho Auranen FinlandOxdog, Fat Pipe
Viljo KosunenFinlandOxdog, Fat Pipe, Zone
Arttu TapioFinlandOxdog, Fat Pipe
Valtteri LämsäFinlandExel
Benjamin SchillSwitzerland Unihoc
Aleksi HonoFinlandOxdog
Hannu HänninenFinlandFat Pipe
Eetu PaavilainenFinlandOxdog
Oula Keski-HynniläFinlandOxdog
Aleksi TaiponenFinlandOxdog
Niko HimankaFinlandOxdog
Henri KangasniemiFinlandFat Pipe
Akseli KumpuvuoriFinlandOxdog
Patrik BelohlavekCzech RepublicOxdog
Toni PaasikallioFinlandOxdog
Arthur KytöhonkaFinlandOxdog
Morten KarlsenNorwayOxdog, Fat Pipe, Zone
Aapo TarsaFinlandOxdog
Matias MäntymaaFinlandOxdog
Konsta TonteriFinlandOxdog, Fat Pipe
Juuso HaapakoskiFinlandOxdog
Tobias BühlerSwitzerland Fat Pipe, Salming
Tero TarsaFinlandOxdog, Exel, Fat Pipe
Tomas PichnerCzech RepublicOxdog, Fat Pipe
Aron IngoFinlandOxdog
Juuso KiviluomaFinlandOxdog
Tuomi MaununmaaFinlandOxdog
Miro YlitaloFinlandOxdog, Fat Pipe
Simon SchwabSwitzerland Unihoc
Cedric KöstingerSwitzerland Unihoc, Fat Pipe, Exel
Tuuka NiemeläinenFinlandOxdog
Nic HaldemannSwitzerland Unihoc
Daniel MikkonenFinlandOxdog
Oskar SethSwedenOxdog
Quentin BergmannSwitzerland Fat Pipe, Unihoc
Jerome HegglinSwitzerland Fat Pipe
Matias FagerströmFinlandOxdog
Aato SavolainenFinlandOxdog
Juho MaununmaaFinlandOxdog
Antti KoluFinlandExel
Viktor SethSwedenOxdog
Flavian PfisterSwitzerland Fat Pipe
Pyry KekarainenFinlandOxdog
Oskari MöttönenFinlandOxdog
Rasmus KortesmaaFinlandOxdog, Fat Pipe
Vili LaaksonenFinlandOxdog
Vincent TynellSwedenZone
Antti TurpeinenFinlandOxdog
Matias AuremaaFinlandFat Pipe
Flavian ZülligSwitzerland Fat Pipe
Eetu RuohorantaFinlandOxdog
Loic RotzetterSwitzerland Fat Pipe
Nico NiemackSwitzerland Fat Pipe
Jessin ZiouziouFinlandOxdog
Elmeri NaukkarinenFinlandOxdog
Vilho SaarelainenFinlandFat Pipe
Peter KecheleGermanyOxdog
Patrik BarbirCzech RepublicFat Pipe
Niilo JuntunenFinlandOxdog
Anssi ImmonenFinlandFat Pipe, Oxdog
Mika RikkiläFinlandOxdog
Tuomas KortejärviFinlandOxdog
Max AhlbergSwedenZone
Santeri VirtaFinlandOxdog
Alex HautamäkiFinlandOxdog