Association founded: 1996
IFF member since: 1996
Member of Autralian Sports Commission since: 2008
Member of National Olympic Committee since: in process



Association Contacts

Australian Floorball Association
Phone +61 402 507 019
E- mail:


President: Mr. David Alexandrakis ranrannoog(at)
Vice President: Mr. Alan Clay al_clay(at)
Secretary General: Mrs. Merrin Bradford mljbradford(at)
Transfer contact:
Anti-doping contact: Mrs. Bettina Lucini tina(at)
Referee contact:
National team contact: Mr. Gordon Hodges ghodges(at)
Info/Web contact: Ms. Jasmine Davies davies.jasmine(at)

Number of licensed players

Total: 1 274
Men Under 19:
Women Under 19:
Number of Floorball Clubs: 27


Latest IFF event participation

Women: WFC 2017 – 15th
Men: WFC 2018 – 12th
Women U19: WFC 2018 – 14th
Men U19: WFC 2019 – 20th


IFF events organised by the association

2015 Women’s WFC Qualifications AOFC (Pakenham, VIC)
2014 Men’s U19 WFC 2015 Qualifications AOFC (Sydney, NSW)
2011 Asia Pacific Championships APAC (Perth, WA)
2011 Women’s WFC Qualifications AOFC (Perth, WA)
2008 Asia Pacific Championships APAC (Leederville, WA)


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