Association founded: 1996
IFF member since: 1996
Member of Autralian Sports Commission since: 2008
Member of National Olympic Committee since: in process




Association Contacts

Australian Floorball Association
Phone +61 402 507 019
E- mail:



President: Mr. David Alexandrakis ranrannoog(at)
Vice President: Mr. Alan Clay al_clay(at)
Secretary General: Mrs. Merrin Bradford mljbradford(at)
Transfer contact:
Anti-doping contact: Mrs. Bettina Lucini tina(at)
Referee contact:
National team contact: Mr. Gordon Hodges ghodges(at)
Info/Web contact: Ms. Jasmine Davies davies.jasmine(at)

Number of licensed players

Total: 1 274
Men Under 19:
Women Under 19:
Number of Floorball Clubs: 27


Latest IFF event participation

Women’s U19 WFC 2018 – 14th
Women’s WFC 2017 – 15th
Men’s U19 WFC 2017 – 12th
Men’s WFC 2016 – 15th

Upcoming events

Men’s WFC 2018 – Final round
Men’s U19 WFC 2019 – AOFC Qualification
Women’s WFC 2019 – Registered


IFF events organised by the association

2015 Women´s World Championships Qualification Asia & Oceania Pakenham
2014 Men´s U19 WFC 2015 Qualification AOFC Sydney
2011 Men´s & Women´s Asian Pacific Championships – APAC Perth
2011 Women´s World Championships Qualification Asia & Oceania Perth
2008 Men´s Asian Pacific Championships – APAC Leederville


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