Roosters Floorball Club in Australia have just announced a new partnership with the Youth Floorball Academy in Singapore and the Wondersticks Floorball Club, further strengthening ties in the AOFC region!

Roosters FC are one of the premier Floorball clubs in Australia with several Australian national team players in their ranks. Players such as Ben Kosterich, Ryan Alexandrakis and Caitlin Smith to name a few. The club was established in Perth of 2015 by a group of players who loved the game of floorball and they officially became an independent club in 2021.

We all started playing ourselves when we were in primary school. Roosters is a family friendly club that focuses on player development and assisting players in achieving their Floorball goals, all whilst playing with a focused team spirit.” excerpt from the club website.

Wondersticks is a dynamic floorball club made up of some of the best floorball players in Singapore. Owned and managed by the Youth Floorball Academy (YFA), Wondersticks is the International Club Partner of top Swedish Floorball Club, Storvreta IBK. Numerous Wondersticks players have represented Singapore at Men’s, Women’s and Under 19 level!

Wondersticks aims “to develop high-performance floorball players, to be able to compete against the best locally, regionally and internationally, while maintaining a high level of professionalism, discipline and moral integrity both on and off the court.


We reached out to senior members of both sides for comment on this new partnership!

The partnership between Roosters and YFA in Singapore shows that when you start speaking to people in the floorball community anything is possible. The potential for junior and senior players from both countries to play floorball in different jurisdictions is just amazing to see. As the quality of junior and senior players continues to improve in Australia, we as a club are committed to helping players and coaches progress into the international floorball arena. This partnership is fundamental to the advancement of floorball across Asia pacific regionBen Kosterich, president of Roosters Floorball club Perth.

Roosters Melbourne is excited to partner with Youth Floorball Academy Singapore. While we have just began here in Melbourne and look to provide more options for players new and old in the Melbourne are we believe this partnership will not only help those existing players develop their skills but also with the knowledge of YFA and structure we hope to develop new players and expand our playing group quickly. Being able to create this partnership with YFA in Singapore is what we see as a huge step for the Asia/Oceania region. Not only providing pathways for all players to travel and develop their skills but to also expand the knowledge between these countries to help raise each other to the next level and become more closely competitive with the European countries. This is just the beginning and I hope this puts the rest of the world on notice, Australia and Singapore are coming!” says Ryan Alexandrakis, Co-founder Roosters Melbourne.

We are happy to expand our partnerships in Asia and Rooster FC shares common goals as us which is to develop players in Asia. We are happy to share the floorball knowledge that we learnt from our partnership with Storvreta IBK with clubs and academies in Asia.” says Norani Zaini, Chief Executive Officer of Youth Floorball Academy.


We wish all involved in this new partnership a fruitful and successful journey together for the better of the sport!

Roosters Floorball Club is building a domestic and international road map for the growth of Floorball. The goal is to improve access to the sport and promote exchange programs between countries. If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities with an Australian Floorball Club contact

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