Six floorball teams gathered in Embu das Artes, in the Greater São Paulo area, in October 2023. There were 14 games, 104 goals, an average of 7.4 goals. The volume of goals was almost double that of the 2022 edition, which had an average of 4 goals per game.

We had the opportunity to take another step in adapting ABF competitions to the international standards of the sport, with more games with 3 periods of 15 minutes,” said Adriano Serafim, president of the Brazilian Floorball Association (ABF).

The competition is organized by the ABF, the entity responsible for the development of floorball in Brazil and recognized by the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB).

The two-day competition format has proven to be a winner for the dynamics of the teams, guaranteeing longer games. The competition remains with mixed teams, with men and women over 15 years old, in order to democratize and popularize the sport,” said Tiago Macarin, ABF Sports Director.

João Victor dos Reis, ABF Secretary-General, comments on the results that the post-event evaluation indicated “we have points to improve, but the awareness of the event indicates that we are on the right track.”

The media team, with photographers, social media, and video production, allowed the athletes to have one more reward, being able to express their passion for floorball to their networks. This increased the awareness of the event and at the same time increased the public’s understanding of the sport,” commented Adriano Serafim.

Hockstar was the champion team 🥇, recovering the title in the last game that they had lost to Arca 🥈in the last edition. Luzeiro, from MG state, consolidates its strength and remains as the 3rd best team in Brazil 🥉. The Invictus team reached the semifinals for the first time, reaping the work of the community that plays floorball in the Campinas region and becoming the 4th best team in Brazil. Paulistana and Juventude, both teams from the city of São Paulo, in this order of classification, complete the teams that joined the competition.

Team Standings

1st Hockstar
2nd Arca
3rd Luzeiro
4th Invictus
5th Paulistana
6th Juventude

Athletes Awarded for Outstanding Performance

Outstanding Female Athlete | Rayane | Juventude
Outstanding Male Athlete | Luiz Fernando | Hockstar
Goalkeeper with least goals conceded | Yago de Souza Santos | Arca
Top Scorer(Male) | AlexSandro | Hockstar
Top Scorer (Female) | Josephine Lindberg | Paulistana
MVP: AlexSandro | Hockstar

In addition the games can be re-watched from this link

Source: Brazilian Floorball Association (ABF)

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