The Swedish floorball final is the big highlight of the floorball season. Now it is clear that this season’s final will take place on never before seen ground – Sweden’s national football arena, Friends Arena.

The Swedish final has been played in several places over the years, with Avicii Arena being the most frequent. Last April, Thorengruppen IBK and Storvreta IBK were crowned Swedish champions there through two exciting finals in front of packed stands.

Now floorball is breaking new ground when the sport takes over the national arena – Friends Arena – on April 27, 2024 for the first time.

— It feels fantastic to finally be able to reveal where the Swedish final – our crown jewel – will be played this season, says Märit Bergendahl, Chairman of the Board at the Swedish Floorball Federation and continues:

— Solid work has been done in securing a venue that suits the final and the interest that exists around the event. That it has now resulted in the fact that floorball is taking over the national arena feels great. We are all looking forward to the festive day that awaits at the end of April.

In connection with the final in 2024, there is also a unique opportunity – a world record.

— The Swedish floorball final is a public celebration and it feels incredibly exciting that it is now moving into our largest arena, Friends Arena. It smells like a new audience record, says Daniel Stålbo, Marketing Director of Stockholm Live, which runs Friends Arena.

— When the opportunity opened up to arrange the final at Friends Arena, we saw a huge opportunity in trying to beat the world record in the number of visitors, says Stefan Jonasson, Marketing and Events Manager at the Swedish Floorball Federation.

The previous audience record for the Swedish final is 18,166 people and comes from the 2015/16 season when the finals were played at Tele2 Arena.

— Now the aim is set on 20,000 visitors where ticket prices should not be an obstacle to visiting the highlight of the season, says Jonasson.

— We know that it is a tough economic situation right now where many people are barely making ends meet. Therefore, it is especially important for us to release tickets in all price categories so that everyone will have an opportunity to be part of making history at Friends, he continues.

The tickets for the Swedish final 2024 will be released at the end of September. More information will be available on Svensk Innebandy’s channels closer to the ticket release.



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