The very first F-liiga Draft event is held at the Bläk Boks Arena in Lempäälä, Finland on Wednesday 17th May. The draft is held right before the annual season awards celebration, F-gaala.

F-liiga men will be the first to try the new system named Floorball Talent Hunt as for F-liiga women’s teams it will start in 2024. This is also the first draft event for floorball in Europe.

There will be three rounds at the F-liiga Draft. This means that every club picks three players and the pick order is set by the final results of the season 2022-2023. The two teams having only secured their F-liiga spots in relegation, will get the first draft picks with the club placed last starting. From there on, each club will have their turn with F-liiga champions having the last pick. This means FBC Turku will start the draft and TPS being the champions will be last to pick on each round.

Pick order

1. FBC Turku
2. EräViikingit
3. Jymy
5. OLS
6. Indians
7. SPV
8. Classic
9. Happee
10. Oilers
11. Nokian KrP
12. TPS

All players picked must be of legal adult age. Each F-liiga club is committed to contact the players they have picked and publish their picks fully using their own media channels.

The draft starts at 14:00 local time (13:00 CET). You can follow the draft on the IFF App with English commentary. The stream is free of charge.

FAQ and more information on the draft can be found on F-liiga website

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