In the spirit of the FairFloorball campaign the IFF, in partnership with PUMA, paid tribute to players who live up to the values of FairFloorball:

  • FairPlay – Anti-doping / Illegal betting / Match-fixing / Game rules
  • FairAccess – Special Olympics / Wheelchair Floorball / Diverse formats of the sport
  • FairTreatment – Equality /LGBT+ / Discrimination / Racism / Respect
  • FairFuture – Youth / Development / Environment / Economic support

The team management nominated one player from their own team to receive the award, which was presented after the final match of each team in the event.

The following criteria were considered when selecting the FairFloorball player

  • Embodies the spirit of fair play (on and off the field of play)
  • Portrays sportsmanship
  • Hard-working team player
  • Encourages others to be better and work harder
  • Respects their opponents and referees
  • Acts as a role model
  • Leads by example

The respective players from each team are listed below.

Team Awarded player
Sweden #21 Thea Ernberg
Finland #5 Jenni Leppänen
Czechia #24 Tereza Hlaviznová
Switzerland #23 Anja Gross
Slovakia #4 Vendzurova Hana
Poland #36 Kinga Stein
Denmark #7 Sille Larsen
Norway #17 Siri Holter
Latvia #88 Estere Elbrete
Germany #59 Freya von Wangenheim
Singapore #4 Cheryl Rachmadi
Italy #12 Marta Cavaldesi
New Zealand #9 Isla Morgan
Hungary #3 Noemi Gugg
Australia #23 Millie Justice
Canada #2 Emelie Blomqvist


Photos: Ninja Kotajärvi



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