The IFF Men’s World Floorball Championships 2022 (WFC 2022) in Zurich and Winterthur was one of the most successful WFCs to date, according to an event evaluation report produced by Quantum Consultancy. The event delivered a strong tourism and media return, created an enjoyable experience for fans and players alike, and set new standards in sustainability practices.

 With an attendance of 155,485 the WFC 2022 was the second most attended WFC on record (after Prague 2018). 19,588 out-of-town spectators came to Zurich and Winterthur to witness the tournament, generating €2.8m in tourism spend, while accredited personnel contributed a further  €0.7m expenditure. The overall direct economic impact generated by the event amounted to €5.35m.

Other key findings include:

  • Visiting participants contributed 14,494 bed nights in host cities.
  • 97% of spectators and 98% of players had a positive experience at the event.
  • 92% of Zurich and Winterthur residents who attended the tournament would like their cities to host another edition of the WFC.
  • 22 TV broadcasters aired close to 400 games in total, with a number of broadcast hours (659 hours) almost doubling from the two previous editions of the event in Prague (2018) in Helsinki (2021).
  • More than 6.3m impressions and 0.22m engagements were recorded on the IFF social media accounts during the tournament.
  • 25,000 children took part in the event as part of the school programme, while the Mobiliar Street Floorball Tour engaged 1,500 participants.

The WFC 2022 Green Goal initiative resulted in the halving of CO2 emissions relating to the event in comparison with the WFC 2018 in Prague. This was achieved largely due to a wide range of sustainability projects run with event partners and sponsors, setting new standards for the event planning and delivery of future floorball competitions

The full evaluation report is accessible via the following link: IFF Men’s World Championships 2022 – Evaluation Report FINAL

John Liljelund, IFF Secretary General, commented: “We are very pleased with the Quantum Analytics Event Study, which gives us very useful tools to further develop the IFF Flagship the Adult WFC’s to become even more spectator friendly; and interesting for both media and sponsors. As a part of our strategy, we aim to use the results of the study to enhance our operations, use the learnings with future organisers, and recommend that also our member federations will take learnings from the study to promote their own national and international events.”



We are very pleased with the output of this study, especially the high satisfaction of spectators and athletes. This means that we have succeeded in leaving a lasting and positive impression with the WFC and in contributing to the development of floorball. We would also like to encourage all future organisers to invest in sustainability projects, because this investment only creates winners”, Daniel Kasser, CEO of the WFC 2022 Organising Committee, added.


The results from this event impact evaluation demonstrates the strong progress of the IFF and its member associations as it works towards meeting its long-term strategic aims. In addition to the record commercial results, IFF continues to demonstrate its leadership on the topic of sustainable sport. The documented achievements and initiatives of swiss unihockey and its partners will undoubtedly benefit future hosts of the WFC”, said Colin Stewart, Quantum Co-Founder and Director of Consulting.


As part of a long-term agreement with the IFF, Quantum provides strategic evaluation services to assess the event impacts of the Men’s and Women’s WFC. Quantum is also providing a monitoring service to report on progress made towards objectives set out within the IFF Strategy 2021-2032.


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