Solidsport are entering a partnership with Ukraine Floorball Federation. The goal is to support and finance a high quality broadcasts for the Ukraine Floorball Championship, despite extreme circumstances because of the ongoing war.

The Ukraine Floorball Federation reached out to Solidsport despite the difficult time of war in the country, seeking support to finance broadcasting of the sport and continue to develop it even under challenging circumstances. Through this partnership, Solidsport will provide the necessary resources to produce high-quality broadcasts of the Ukraine Premier League, as well as to introduce a new OTT platform to bring the sport to a wider audience.

By providing technical support and advanced streaming technology, Solidsport wants to make the sport more accessible and help the federation to achieve their goals. The partnership will start with the second round (18th March 2023) of the ongoing Premier League playoffs, where 20 games will be broadcasted with multi-camera productions on the new OTT channel powered by Solidsport.

Follow these instructions to join the live streams:

1) All games will take place here. All you have to do is buy a subscription for all 20 Saturday+Sunday games
(You can also download the app)

2) Buy a subscription – admission to watch all matches of the Ukrainian Floorball Championship fory:
🏑 160 ₴ ( 3.9 € ) – subscription to all games of the tournament
🏑 120 ₴ ( 3 € ) – subscription for 1 game

Solidsport – Press Release
Ukraine Floorball Federation

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