At its board meeting in January, the board of the International World Games Association (IWGA) agreed on the composition of the Interim IWGA Athletes’ Committee. The Chair of this committee will be Spanish karateka Sandra Sanchez. Representing Floorball, former Swiss Men’s national team player Matthias Hofbauer joins and will be a part of the 7 person IWGA Athletes’ Committee.

Matthias Hofbauer does not need an introduction in the floorball scene. Up to the World Championships in Prague 2018 he did not miss a single championship in the millennium, making it ten WFC participations for him. With 97 points in 57 championship games, he has left a permanent mark in floorball history. He is also a triple All-Star player with 7 bronze medals under his belt and a silver medal from the 2017 World Games all representing Switzerland.

  • 10 World Floorball Championships
  • 7 bronze medals
  • All Star Team 2004, 2010, 2012
  • World Games 2017 Silver Medal
  • 194 international

Matthias will use his experience gained playing elite sport throughout the years to help the IWGA Athletes’ Committee prepare for Chengdu 2025 and to voice his and the floorball communities views on certain issues.

IWGA Board member Jan Fransoo explains the next steps and aims of the IWGA Athletes’ Committee: “The current IWGA Athletes’ Committee has an interim status until September 2025. By that time, an Athletes’ Committee will have been elected by the athletes of the next edition of The World Games. The 12th edition will take place in Chengdu, China. The main task over the next two-and-a-half years will be to prepare for the installation of this Athletes’ Committee, including the process of election, future powers, composition, and associated regulatory changes. The focus of our efforts will be on the regulations for the transformation of the provisional committee into a standard institution of the IWGA.”


More on the new members and more details on the IWGA Athletes’ Committee can be found here

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