Wednesday was the first day at the Women’s U19 WFC 2022 in Katowice, Poland. 

Switzerland vs Germany

Switzerland and Germany kicked off the tournament in Katowice. It did not take too long until team Switzerland scored their first goal. The Swiss team continued to score regularly. After 40 minutes the 8-0 lead was very comfortable. But it got even better from a Swiss perspective – they scored another eight goals in the last period and won the game 16-0

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Denmark vs Austria

This game started at 10am as well. It seemed that Denmark was a little bit sharper on their actions which led to a 2-0 lead after the first 20 minutes. Austria – who had only three weeks time for preparation – kept their spirits high and tried to score their first goal in this tournament. But it was only the Danish team which found the back of the net and won the game 6-0.

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Canada vs New Zealand

This was the clash to make a statement being the best non-european team. The Kiwis had the better start and scored the first goal of the game. It did not take long for Canada to answer this with their first goal. But afterwards it was New Zealand who was scoring for consecutive six goals. However, Canada was able to reply with one goal – but it was New Zealand who took the victory with 8-2 win.

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Sweden vs Norway

Sweden did not waste any time and efficieny after four minutes played – they scored their first three goals within 68 seconds. It was almost exactly after 30 minutes played when Norway had an answer themselves. It was Frida Hatlem who scored the first and only goal for Norway. In the end it was a clear 19-1 victory for team Sweden.

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Hungary vs Italy

The summary of this game: It took Italy the first period to adapt to the international level and it was almost Nora Lelovics herself beating Italy. Italy was an equal opponent after the first period but struggled big times to control the Hungarian number 77. Nora Lelovics scored nine (9+1) out of the 12 goals for Hungary. It was Hungary which won 12-8-

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Czech Republic vs Slovakia

Eight goals in the first period is not something you get to see every floorball game. These goals were almost distributed equally with the slightly better end for Czech Republic which led after the first 20 minutes with 5-3. Team Slovakia was not able to draw the game. It was Czech Republic which secured a lead all the time; in the end they won 8-6.

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Finland vs Poland

Poland organised their defense pretty well in the first period. Finland was only able to scorw twice. Over the whole game Poland’s attacking efforts did not pay off. It was team Finland which took the win after 60 minutes with a 9-0 victory. It was Suvi Hamalainen who collected 4 (1+3) scorer points.

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Australia vs Latvia

Team Latvia was able to score the first five goals of this last game of day 1. Team Australia was able to score two times within ten minutes. But Latvia consistenly extending their lead goal by goal. After intensive 60 minutes Latvia had 11 goals and Australia 2 goals on the scoreboard.

Match statistics available here.

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