No surprises in WFCQ EUR2 in Koceni (Latvia) as Sweden, Norway and Poland confirm their strenght in the opening day. 

Group C

France vs Sweden

The World Champions and the group favourites from Sweden dominated France and won their first game 20-1. French goalkeeper Thibault Le Goff  worked hard and saved 28 shots while Tim Matencio scored his first goal in an IFF event and was awarded the Best player of the match. Sweden extend their winning streak in the IFF WFC Qualification events to 14 games. Malte Lundmark (1+3) was the player of the match for Sweden. Game statistics available here.


Group D

Norway v Liechtenstein

It did not take long to figure out that Norway have better chemistry and are faster than Liechtenstein. After 15 minutes it looked like the new Norwegian team, (10 debutants) who made plenty of changes before the start of WFCQ 2022 were on the good path. Joachim Terjesen scored hatt-trick and took Norway to a strong lead. Mario Neff (LIE) respond with one goal in the second period but it was not enough. Best players awards went to Joachim Terjesen (5+1) and Mario Neff (26 saves). Game statistics availble here.


Group D

Belgium v Poland

While Poles were seen as favourites it was Belgium who enjoyed a better start of the match when Lars De Maere took his team to the lead. Despite a slow start, Poland went on to dominate in their opening WFCQ match against Belgium. Łukasz Chlebda scored a beauty from distance in 11th minute and from that moment it was only Poland that got on the score board. The final result 1-7 for Poland. The best player awards went to the goal scorer Lard De Maere (BEL) and Karol Pelczarski (1+2). Game statistics availble here.


Find all the match recordings from IFF YouTube Channel 1.

Photos are available here.

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