In connection with the international World Children’s Day, the opportunity arose to introduce children to the sport of floorball.

The Provincial Floorball Association was able to cooperate with the Provincial Directorate of Youth, Employment and Desporo do Niassa –  the government entity that watches over Sports at the level of the Province. This cooperation developed an initiative to collect donations (food and products) for a lunch at the Children’s Reception Center (Aldeia de Alegria) during the international World Children’s day on 1st June 2022.

In addition, the Provincial Floorball Association taught the children of the center the basic rules of florball. This was followed by a practical class where the children were able to explore and discorver their skills and joy with the new sport. The children’s age group ranged from 10 to 17 years. The event was a great success for the children and the organisers from Centro de Aldeia de Alegria as well as for the Provincial Floorball Association. It was an excellent experience to carry out and there are plans to repeat this event.


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