The 2022/23 International Transfer window opened on Sunday 1st of May and will remain open until January 15th 2023. The transfers will be made valid from the 1st of July onward, but the transfer forms can already be sent to the IFF for processing. 

The international transfer window officially opens on July 1st but transfer documents can already be sent to the IFF ( The window will close on January 15th 2023.

Transfers will be processed and approved once a week, each Monday after the IFF has received:

  1. completed transfer form (including signatures of all four parties). Transfer form can be downloaded here.
  2. the payment is visible on the IFF account (no need to send the receipt!).

Express Transfers are processed and approved with-in the following business day after receiving the completed transfer form and copy of the payment. More about express transfers here.

Intercontinental Visitor Transfer to North American Floorball League (NAFL) will be made valid from 1st June as per IFF CB decision from the last year. Read more.

All player transfer application forms and instructions on how to complete the transfer are available for download from here.

IFF Transfer Regulations are available HERE. For more information, send email to

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