The online voting for The World Games Athlete of the Year 2021 has now been opened! A total of 24 candidates are competing for the title. The Czech Men’s U19 WFC gold team is one of the candidates.

The voting began on 10th of January 2022. After the first round, lasting until 16:00 CET on 23rd of January, the ten candidates with most votes will continue in the race. They will keep the votes earned by then. Voting ends on Monday 31st of January at 14:00 CET and the winner and two runner-ups will be crowned then.

How to vote?

  • You can vote for your candidate once every 24 hours.
  • First, give two votes to your favourite candidate by clicking on their “Vote” button.
  • Then, to make your vote count, click on the “Vote” button of your second favourite candidate which will then receive one vote.
  • The numbers of votes cast for each candidate will be visible throughout the campaign.
  • Vote HERE!
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