The best floorball players, referees and coaches of the season 2020-21 were awarded by Czech Floorball on Monday, 5th July. The presentation of the winners were broadcast by ČT Sport. 


There was the announcement of two new winners for the past season. Eliška Krupnová and Adam Delong were awarded as the players of the season 2020-2021. It was already the fifth times that Eliška Krupnová has been winning this award. She had another stellar season with Pixbo, Sweden. Krupnová, selected as the best player in the world for 2020, scored a respectable 52 points in 35 matches and made it to the Superfinal (her team won the silver medal).

Adam Delong enjoyed his best season in his career in terms of points. During the 26 regular season-games, he collected 63 points for 41 goals and 22 assists which made him a top scorer in the Czech Livesport Superliga. He collected another 13 points (7 + 6) in the playoff games. Delong’s team Vítkovice was not strong enough to beat Mladá Boleslav in the Czech Superfinal, and they could not defend their title. However, the Czech fans will get the chance to watch the winner of player of the season 2020-2021 during next season on Czech soil as Delong has signed a new contract over two years with his current team.

All the winners from each category can be found below. More information about the winners and the overall standings can be found when clicking the name of the category.

Player of the season (Men)
1. Adam Delong (1.SC Vitkovice)
2. Filip Langer (Tatran Střešovice)
3. Jiří Curney (Florbal MB)

Player of the season (Women)
1. Eliška Krupnová (Pixbo Wallenstam IBK / SWE)
2. Denisa Ratajová (Pixbo Wallenstam IBK / SWE)
3. Denisa Kotzurová (FBC Ostrava)

Goalkeeper of the season (Men)
1. Lukas Bauer (Florbal MB)
2. Lukas Soucek (1. SC Vitkovice)
3. Martin Benes (ACEMA Sparta Praha)

Goalkeeper of the season (Women)
1. Hana Ranochova (Florbal Chodov)
2. Jana Christianova (Florbal Chodov)
3. Lenka Remešová (K1 Florbal Židenice)

Junior of the season (Men)
1. Filip Forman (FbS Bohemians)
2. Petr Majer (Florbal Chodov)
3. Matěj Havlas (Tatran Stresovice)

Junior of the season (Women)
1. Michaela Kubečková (1. SC Vitkovice)
2. Kateřina Seemanová (Tatran Stresovice)
3. Vanessa Rebecca Keprtová (Florbal Chodov) and Vendula Maroszová (1. SC Vitkovice))

Referees of the season

1. Kamil Sojka – Tomas Sojka
2. Jakub Furmánek – Vlastimil Šolc
3. Tomas Kostinek – Martin Reichelt

Men’s coach of the season
1. Pavel Brus (1. SC Vitkovice)
2. Petr Novotny (Florbal MB)
3. Michal Jedlicka (FbS Bohemians)

Women’s coach of the season
1. Tomas Martinik (1. SC Vitkovice)
2. Lukas Prochazka (Florbal Chodov)
3. Michaela Marešová (Tatran Střešovice)

MVP Men’s Superliga
1. Adam Delong (1.SC Vitkovice)
2. Filip Langer (Tatran Střešovice)
3. Milan Tomašík (Florbal MB)

MVP Women’s Extraleague
1. Denisa Kotzurová (FBC Ostrava)
2. Eliška Chudá (Florbal Chodov)
3. Gabriela Žurková (FBK Jičín)

Star of the season (voted by fans)

Women: Eliška Krupnová (Pixbo Wallenstam IBK / SWE)
Men: Filip Langer (Tatran Střešovice)

Source: Czech Floorball
Photo by Czech Floorball

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